Parameterization of the EMS

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The engineering of the EMS is carried out via a hierarchic tree structure. There corresponding sub-objects are linked to individual objects depending on their type. Sub-objects are added by selecting the corresponding menu item in the context menu of the selected node.

All object have property Name and Identification. The engineering of the individual objects is carried out via the property window.

All adjustable properties which are available in the property window are described in the help window after you click on them.

info Info

All mentioned or shown properties are only visible if the EMS is licensed. The licensed EMS module is a separate element in the project tree. The settings in the EMS can be made with the help of this entry.

attention Attention

Within the EMS all existing units (grids, device groups, generators, devices etc.) should have a distinct name in order to ensure the perfect function of the forecast and the optimization.

All objects have the following menu entries:




Cuts the selected object(s) and copies it/them to the clipboard.


Copies selected object(s) to the clipboard.


Pastes object(s) from the clipboard.

Starting from the selected node, only objects from the same level or the level directly beneath it can be pasted.


Deletes selected object(s) including all sub-objects.

Export XML all ...

Exports the whole project to an XML file.

Export selected XML ...

Exports selected objects including sub-objects to an XML file.

Import XML ...

Imports objects from an XML file.

Only objects (and their exported sub-objects) can be imported which are of the level directly beneath the selected node.

info Info

All values of variables which are used in the EMS to state or adjust time values during the Runtime (e.g. switch-on time variable) are interpreted as seconds. Therefore a numerical value of 300 corresponds to a time period of 5 minutes (=300 seconds).

In order to ensure the correct functionality of the EMS, you must create at least the following variables for a supply area:

info Info

In the context menu for a supply area you can find the menu item "Create variable". When selected, it automatically creates variables for the properties listed above and links the variables with the properties.

You must at least create the following variables for a generator/device in order to ensure the functionality of the EMS.