RGM - database changed

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In 6.22 SP1 the format of the used databases for data storage was modified. This means that when converting a project in the Editor the database is modified automatically.

If you changed data of the RGM in the Runtime, you must carry out the following steps:

  1. Start the Editor in the original version before you convert the project.
  2. In the project properties RT changeable data make sure that the data of the RGM can be read back and decompiled.
  3. If you use the Runtime on a remote system: Establish a connection to the remote system and read the Runtime files back. You can find this function in the Remote Transport toolbar.
  4. Read the Runtime data back to the Editor. Use command Import Runtime Data in the toolbar Runtime files in order to do so.
  5. Close the old Editor and open the new Editor. Now you can convert the project to the new version safely. All data are available in the new version.

attention Attention

Older RGM database from lower versions than 6.22 SP1 cannot be read in Runtime 6.22 SP1 or higher! If you do not convert the data as described using the Editor, you will lose all changes you made to recipes and recipe groups in the Runtime.