Templates and pictures

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Creating a template:

Templates define the screen area, in which the pictures are opened then. Every picture is based on a template.
You will find more information on creating templates in the Tutorial Basic and in the chapter Templates.

Creating a picture:

zenon offers different pre-defined picture types, so also the simplest "Standard", where a screen area can freely be defined. For the graphical design of the pictures there are hardly any limitations.
Simply select the pre-defined picture elements to display your equipment schematically in the picture.

Extending the picture with picture elements:

zenon offers pre-defined vector and dynamic picture elements, which can be linked with functions resp. variables.
You will find more information on the pciture elements in the Tutorial Basic, the different shapes of the pre-defined picture elements are described in detail in the chapter Picture elements ausführlich beschrieben.
Another possibility to save time in the engineering phase are our pre-defined symbols, which you will find in the symbol library. You will find more information on symbols in the chapter Symbols.
Please also refer to our Video prestentation. There creating templates and pictures as well as the use of picture elements is explained. In this case the picture type is not "Standard" but "Alarm".

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You now can create a new project with pictures and picture elements.

The next step:

Your picture elements should display 'real' values and you want to be able to monitor your equipment in zenon? Click the link in the box below.

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