Drivers and variables

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Selecting a driver:

Variables are based on drivers, so a Driver has to be selected first. During the engineering phase usually one of the simulation drivers is used. Later it is replaced by the driver for the according PLC. AAs an open and independent system zenon supports more than 250 drivers, you will find information aabout the single drivers in the according driver documentation. You will find it online in the section Treiber or on our CD/DVD as PDF files for printing.

Creating a variable:

Variables are the interface to the process data and represent certain measurement values or status. In order to make aware of critical events in your process, limits can be defined for variables.
You will find more information on creating a variable in the Tutorial Basic. You will find an extensive description of variables datatypes and reaction matrices in the chapter Variable definition and process data model.

Displaying values in picture elements:

Picture elements can be linked to variables in order to display incomming values.
Refer to our video presentation which shows how a picture element of the type Bargraph is linked to a variable.
You will find more information on linking variables with dynamic picture elements in the Tutorial Basic. In the chapterPicture elements you will find a link to the dynamic - and vector picture elements of zenon.

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You now have an insight on how to use variables and drivers.

The next step:

You not only want to monitor but also operate? Functions have to be created and linked to be able to operate zenon.

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