CE side

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First you have to create a new connection on the CE panel. To do this start the following program on the CE panel: /windows/remnet.exe

All other settings are not important. Best you leave them as they are, leave all dialogs with OK and close the program Remnet.

Now you have to start the dialog Communications in the Control Panel on the CE terminal. On the property page PC Connection you have to activate the option Enable direct connections to desktop computer.

By pressing the button Change you can select the connection previously configured in the program Remnet.

Confirm all dialogs with OK and close the Control Panel.

Permanently save the changes in the CE registry of your CE device. (Otherwise all the canges will be lost with a restart of the panel!) - for saving there is an own tool on each CE terminal (e.g.: regflush.exe, flushreg.exe, savereg.exe, … ) If you find no possibility to save the Registry, contact your hardware manufacturer.