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The following properties for a selected entry are available:


Here a unique name has to be entered. This entry is necessary.


After a program path has been selected under Path, the according version number is displayed here.


The program path in which zenon was installed.


The workspace to be loaded. After the workspace has been selected, the comboboxes for the project settings are filled with the projects of the selected workspace.


The project to be loaded in the Editor.


The project to be started with the Runtime.


The path of the project. (If the RT project is part of the workspace, the path is entered automatically.)

hold INI

Active: After an Editor session the changed settings are automatically read. (This affects Workspace, Editor-Project, RT-Project and RT-Path).

Inactive: The according settings are not read, instead the settings from the dialog are used.

info Info

If you do not remember the settings of a workspace, do the following:

Fill in Name, Path and Workspace; leave empty Editor-Project, RT-Project and RT-Path and activate hold INI. Then close the dialog with OK.

After the Editor has been started and closed, the missing entries are completed.