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If necessary, you can enter a database connection for each item. Thus using an own instance of the SQL server for each entry. Only use this possibility if you know what you are doing. The following disadvantages can arise:

attention Attention

Between version 6.21 SP0 and 6.22 SP0 the SQL Service was entered incorrectly in the zendb.ini by the setup. This was no problem because the zenDBSrv did not consider the value. Since 6.22 SP1it is considered again.
If you read the values using functionRead from zenDB.ini, the values you received are wrong. You must check existing entries and change them if necessary.



Read from zenDB.ini

The settings from the file zenDB.ini are read and entered in the fields SQL Service, Provider and DB Path. The zenDBSrv reads the connection information from this file once during start-up and creates the connection to the database server instance.

SQL Service

Service name of the SQL server instance for the Editor.Attention! This message must be stated correctly in any case because the zenDBSrv checks with it if the database server instance is running. If this is not the case, no connection can be established and the Editor displays an error message.
You can readout the name of the service from the Windows service manager. In order to do this, start the program services.msc and navigate to the corresponding SQL server instance e.g. SQL server (ZENON_DEV). Open the properties with a double click. On tab General you can find the name of the service e.g.: MSSQL$ZENON_DEV.


Connection information for the SQL instance. It is best to use an existing connection string and edit it.

Attention: Although the string in the zenDB.ini starts with "Provider=Provider=…", here "Provider=…" must only be entered once.

Attention: Keep in mind that internally the zenDBSrv always uses the user zenOnSrv and password srv_601. This user must either already exist in the database server instance or is automatically created by the zenDBSrv. You must insure that the Windows user resp. the SQL server user who you use to connect to the database server instance has sufficient rights.

DB Path

Directory in which the project data base for the zenon Editor is saved.

Attention: In any case allocate an own directory for each database server instance. Otherwise you cannot use projects with identical Project_ID in different versions.