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If an online reload is started, you have to take the following possible effects into consideration:

If a watchdog timer, an edge generation or an SBO is currently active, the reload is delayed until they are closed.

An open picture of type command input is closed and the procedure is restarted after the reload, depending on the current step.

Step before Reload

Behavior after Reload

Step 1

Picture is loaded for Step 1 again

Unlocking or Step 2

Step 'Unlocking level' is activated. The interlocking check is re-executed.


Lock is re-activated

Before loading, the add-on variable, response variable, command variable, command interlocking and action are re-determined. If one of the objects does not exist anymore, the controls are locked.

If the command interlocking of the add-on variable was removed or exchanged, the picture is loaded with locked controls. The picture has to be reloaded afterwards or the command input has to be re-executed.

If the command interlocking of the response variable was removed or exchanged, all locks against command input are removed from the data point.

If a user, for whom a command lock was activated, does not exist anymore, the lock is removed. The status bit S_MERKER_1(0) is updated accordingly.