Creating a picture of the type command input

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The creation of the command input picture in the editor is done by the definition of a new picture of the type command input. You will find more information on the pre-defined picture types in the chapter 'Pictures / Pre-defined picture types'.

The picture 'Command input' is used for user interaction via command input during the runtime (one and two-step command input) It allows the user to perfrom all activities that are necessary for command execution. This can be e.g. the unlocking of an upcoming command interlocking or the confirmaton of the execution of a two-step command input.

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When using the one-step command input, you can also use a context menu or a standard function. The picture type command input is then not required in the project.

You can use specific control elements for this picture type, which allow all user actions necessary for command input and which visualize current information about the status of the action to be executed. (e.g. display of the switching direction)

After the picture is opened an empty picture is displayed. The default control elements can be inserted with the entry Control element in the pulldown menu.

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Beneath the groups you can find a collection of control elements which you need for special actions, e.g. all control elements for locking elements . Thus saving the time for manually searching for all needed control elements.