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Interlocking condition

Any number of command conditions can be defined for every action. Theses conditions are checked before execution of the respective action. If a check fails, the respective action cannot be used during runtime.

The conditions are defined as formulas. The syntax is analogous to the definition of the formulas in the Formula Editor.

Additionally, the following interlocking types (in addition to the command interlockings) are checked before action execution:

Internal interlocking conditions

These conditions are checked automatically before every action execution; the engineer cannot influence this. These Internal interlocking conditions are predefined by the system and serve as plausibility checks. 

Example Example

Select could not be activated.     

Topological interlocking conditions

These conditions result from the current topological status during Runtime. The definition of these conditions is done in the 'Configuration of the ALC interlockings (command interlocking)' settings.