Entry in the list

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The formatting is produced in the sequence of the option activation. The titles of the columns can be changed in the Header text. Options are:

Variable name

Process variable name




Status text


Status bit display as text


Current value of variable

Time received

Time of the occurrence of the alarm status

Time cleared

Time of the elimination of the alarm status

Time acknowledged

Acknowledging time (user or on filing out)

Time active

Duration between "time received" and "time cleared" or current time, if the alarm was not yet cleared

Time reactivated

Last receiving time when option "with time reactivated" is set

Status reactivated

Last receiving status when option "with time reactivated" is set

Count reactivated

Number of the alarm states/transient states when option "with time reactivated" is set

User identification

Identification of the currently logged in user

Complete name

Name of the user currently logged in


Computer name


Display of free text, that the user can add to an entry in the alarm list


Display alarm class


Number of the alarm class


Display alarm group


Number of the alarm group

Project name

Name of the project (only available in a network project that has sub-projects)

Alarm status

Shows the status (received/cleared/acknowledged) of the alarm with colored circles (colors can be defined in the project properties, in the group Alarm information list/AIL entries).
If the alarm has only a 'received' time stamp, the color for 'Alarm received' is displayed.
If the alarm has a 'cleared' time stamp but no 'acknowledged' time stamp, the color for 'Alarm cleared' is shown.
If the alarm has an 'acknowledged' time stamp, the color for 'Alarm acknowledged' is displayed, no matter if there is a 'cleared' time stamp or not. This means the color for "Acknowledged" has the highest priority.
If an alarm has all of the three time stamps, there will be no alarm status circle.

Display grid

Display the grid

Use alternating background colors

For better readability, the background color is alternated.

Color 1

Background color for all uneven lines (1,3,5,...) in the list.

Color 2

Background color for all even lines (2,4,6,...) in the list.


Time output


Date output


Time display with milliseconds

Number of characters

Number of characters to be displayed for text entries / for the title of the column 'alarm status'.

The defined sequence of entries can be changed in the field List entry.

This can be done either by using the upwards and downwards buttons or by Drag&Drop.