Picture type Archive revision

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The picture type Archive revision is used for online display and editing of archive values in table form. (You will find more information on the pre-defined picture types in the chapter 'Pictures / Pre-defined picture types'.)

attention Attention

The archive module must have been licensed to use the function.

The creation of the archive window is done in the editor by creating a new picture of the picture type Archive revision.

On opening the picture an empty picture is opened and the menu Control elements in the menu bar is filled.

With the help of the control elements you can arrange the individual online operating elements in the picture (overall display; in the editor there is only a two-dimensional display). The function elements differ from one another by buttons (for on-line operation), lists (representation of the archive(s) and filter conditions) and display elements (representation of information for the output of archive values).

Control elements are:


Automatically insert default elements If not all the control elements are needed, they can be removed one by one lateron. The elements can be moved and individually arranged.


pre-defined control elements


Display new archive


Close current archive


Save changes to archive


Edit selected value(s)


Insert new values in archive


Delete values from archive


Set filter criterion for marking


Column setting


Print display


Archive list box

Display of the archives

Filter list box

Display of the filter criterion


Number values

Read values

Number I bit

Read values which are marked with I bit (status bit)

Display short des.

Display short description of archive

Archive active

Current processing state of archive (active, inactive)


Profile administration

Profile selection

Select saved profile


Save settings as profile


Delete profile

info Info

A decimal value can be entered with a colon as well as with a point, the decimal point will automatically be changed to a point.

By selecting the entry Default in the menu Control elements all control elements are loaded with standard values at predefined positions.

Changes to the control elements in respect of size, orientation and arrangement as well as the user font which is used are possible. The set font is shown only during on-line operation. Elements which are not needed in the on-line display or must not be present can be deleted from the picture (e.g. play, stop, refresh, etc.). The addition of other dynamic picture elements and vector picture elements is also possible.

The activation of the picture with the archive editing function in on-line operation is made by using the function Picture switch - Archive revision