Batch archiving

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Batch archiving allows for the easy allocation of batch designations to an archive.

In the modules Extended Trend and Report Generator and with data export (Archives) the name can be filtered comfortably.

For quicker access to batches in the batch filter now one index of these data per archive is created. In order to use the automatic indexing the checkbox Index batches has to be activated in the archive definition. The index is stored in the file <short term>.ARI. If a batch archive is saved, an entry in the index file is generated. With the evacuation of archives the index also is updated.

For the evacuation to the ARX format the additional option internal format has been added.

If archives are deleted with the function File operations or from the operating system, a new indexing has to be executed with the new function Index archive.

The index is only created from archive file in the RT directory. If archives are read from the backup path, still file by file is read.

With the function Index archves the batch index for an archive is newly generated. Generating the index file can be a time-consuming procedure depending on the amount of the archive files. In order not to block the Runtime, this is done in the background. If the new indexing is not finished but batch values are needed, this request has to wait until the procedure is finished. With the option Execute synchronously the function execution waits, until the new indexing is finished.