Archive selection

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Possible options are:

Process variables

Selection of the process variables to be summarised; Multiple selection with CTRL or Shift keys

Summarising functions

- Sum

Adding the values of the selected process variables depending on the save cycle.

- Average

Average of the values of the selected process variables

- Minimum

Minimum per process variable

- Maximum

Meaximum per process variable

The selected variables and the linked data reduction types are listed in the 'Archives' window. Here columns can be added or removed.

Additional variables can be add to the following archive via Drag&Drop. Either single variables are selected in the basis archive and then moved to the chosen data reduction type of the following archive with the left mouse button hold down, or the whole basis archive is moved to the following archive in the same way, to enter all ist variables.

In zenon following archives are set to on change scanning automatically. The scanning mode cannot be changed. The scan rate derives from the length of the basis archive. The values of process variables are written into the following archive whenever the basis archive is determined. As a default all values of the basic archive are used for the calculation (i.e. also I-Bit entries and hand values), if not changed in the definition of the basic archive in the section Options.