CE terminal as client

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Here the project on the CE terminal is not a server project. So the project on the CE terminal connects to a server as a client. This server can be a PC as well as another CE terminal.

This model has the following characteristics:

The CE project on the client has limited functionality, i.e. on the CE client only functionality supported by CE is available. Archives, extended Trend, Reports, etc. are not available. The project on the server however can contain such elements, if the server is a PC. On a PC client - if licenced - the full project is available. In order not to confuse the user the system offers the option: Visible under CE. If this checkbox is not activated, the according element is not displayed on the CE terminal.

The network load on the CE client is negligible, because there is always only one connection - that to the server. The drivers in this case are started at the server.

Engineering the CE terminal as a client:

For the whole system only one single project has to be created. This project runs on the server, which administers all data.

Engineering is done on the PC and the created Runtime files are transported to the server and the clients with Remote Transport.

If later changes in the project are done, the changed files have to be transported to the server with Remote Transport. The clients will update the changes after executing the function Reload project online.

The option CE project does not have to be activated. Thus the entire functionality of zenon is available for the project. As only a limited functional range is available on the CE side, functions that are not supported under CE will not be executed there (modules, special functions, etc.).

In order not to confuse the operating personnel by offering them pictures and elements on the CE terminal, whioch will not work resp. are not supported there, for pictures and elements the option Visible under CE can be used in the Editor. So the implementing engineer has the possibility to realise his project in the way, that a part of it is available under CE and another part only on the PC (PC server, other clients, …).