Event logging

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The Chronologic Event List can be supplied directly with the real-time data flow (e.g. from the hardware driver) or with the non-real-time data flow (time tagging in the computer) and the release of the CEL option per variable status. If there is only a non-real-time data flow, then the variables are time-tagged on their arrival in the driver and transferred to zenon in the non-real-time path. The entry in the Chronologic Event List is made on releasing the option "CEL" during the configuration of the variable states.

For the logging of the Chronologic Event List, there are various options:


Print Chronologic Event List Online


Print Chronologic Event List Selectively


Export Event List to a text file

attention Attention

The file .FRM for print must be in the project tree in section 'File' in folder 'Lists'.

Here is how you insert files in folder 'Lists':
Right click 'Lists' and select menu item 'Add file'. Select the required .FRM file and add it by clicking 'open'.