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There is an open protocol for the printout of the Chronologic Event List. The print of the Chronologic Event List can be selected as an alternative to the printout of the Alarm Information List. If the current list printer is not available the standard printer of the print manager is used. Online-printing requires a printer compatible for line-oriented output. Be aware of this when installing a printer.

The configuration of the logging is done in the project properties under Alarm/CEL list.

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Chapter Alarm Administration / Online printing

The file BTB.FRM is used for formatting the output. A default is saved in the installation directory.

The FRM file has three parts:

The individual parts are separated by %%. The separation marking must be used only once for the list and the base part.

info Info

No tabs are allowed for the positioning of the single entries. Use blanks instead!

Example Example

Formatting example: Configuration in BTB.FRM

Date: @headdatum Chronologic Event List Time @headdatum Uhr
Date / time received Message text Status text
@user page @seite @rechner

Printout on the printer

Date: 20.03.1995 Chronologic Event List Time: 12:00 Uhr
Date / time received Message text Status text
20.03.1995 13:00:00 message xyz received
20.03.1995 13:03:59 Demo message on
20.03.1995 13:04:55 messagexyz cleared
20.03.1995 13:11:23 message xyz received
User xyz Page 1 AP1

info Info

When editing the format file in a text editor, the automatic word wrap should not be active, because undesired effects in the formatting might occur.