General settings

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In the properties of the project in the Project manager the general settings for the monitor configuration are made under Monitor configuration.

Configurable options are:


With the button "Change..." you here define the number of real monitors

Virtual monitors

With the button "Change..." you here define the number of virtual monitors which are added to the list below with the names V_01 to V_0n. With "Rename..." you then can change the names of virtual monitors.

Computer profiles

Computer profiles are generally defined here. With the button "Copy..." you can create a new profile based on the currently selected profile. A new property page is added for each profile. Under "Runtime profile" you can select the appropriate profile for the current computer.
The computer profiles only effect the Runtime.

Screen size

Here the resolution is entered in which the project should run in the Runtime. This resolution should be set before the start of the project parametrization and not be changed afterwards, as this can lead to stretching of the pictures, if the relation width/height of the resolutions is not the same!
Default: For new projects the resolution of the current station is entered here as a default.

attention Attention

The first virtual monitor is the default monitor.