Storage card

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The transport service supports a special transport type, where the project is transported directly to a storage card instead of using a serial or TCP/IP connection.

For that a notebook (or a PC) that can directly access a storage card (PCMCIA, ATA card, Compct Flash, etc.) is necessary.

attention Attention

It has to be guaranteed, that the CE Runtime and the zenOn6.ini are in the root of the card!

Insert the card in the according slot and check which drive letter is assigned to the card by the operating system. (D:, or E:, ...)

info Info

The following steps are only possible, if CE project is activated in the project configuration!

The computer name of the own PC has to be entered in the Remote Transport configuration under Configuration parameters, e.g.: HOST= LOCALHOST;

The storage card inserted in the PC and the desired directories have to be entered under Destination.

CE - Project basic path has to be activated. Here the path under which the project then can be found on the storage card has to be entered. Example: if the storage card is listed as \Storage Card under CE, the CE - Project basic path must be C:\Storage Card\project path! C:\ will then automatically be removed by the Remote Transport!

Now a connection to the own PC can be established, and the files are transported to the local storage card.

The path entered underCE-Project basic path is written to the zenOn6.ini of the storage card with remote project as start project.

Now you can insert the storage card in the CE terminal and then start the Runtime there.