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Project/Workspace new

Create a new project and workspace

Insert project into workspace

Inserts an existing project into the selected workspace The project versions are displayed as follows: 6.20.0 (Version 6.20, Servicepack 0)

Insert project 5.xx

Inserts a project into the Editor that has been created with version 5.00, 5.11, 5.20, 5.21 or 5.50.

Restore project backup

Inserts the project status from a project backup back into the workspace.


- open

Opens an existing workspace

- save

Saves the current workspace

- save as ...

Saves the current workspace. You can enter a name and the desired save folder.

- close

Closes the current workspace

- Create backup

Creates a backup of the current workspace with all its projects as a compressed *.wsb-file

- Load backup

Restores the backup of projects and their corresponding workspace

Standard Configuration

- License product

Opens the dialog 'License product'. There the serial number and the activation number are displayed. Here a soft license can be ordered.

- Standard

Sets configurations for standard settings (printer, directories)


Configures the printers for AML, CEL, Values, protocols, hardcopies, lists (for printer or via pdf-Software)


Selects the path where graphs, export, allocations, backups, exp. Archives and onlinehelp should be saved

Print screenshot

The whole screen content is printed on the standard printer. Set printer properties via File -> Standard configuration -> standard.

Visual Basic Editor

Opens the Visual Basic Editor


Opens the window for selecting the wizards

Update Wizards

See chapter Wizards, section Update wizards

Existing workspaces

If you have previously created workspaces you can choose them from a list and open them here.


Closes the zenon Editor. See also chapter Close Editor.

info Info

The following is to be considered for creating and restoring backups:

Backups created with SQL Express 2005 cannot be restored with MSDE SQL 2000 Server.