Navigation in the listview

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With entering the first character search is started. If no entry with this start character exists, search is immediately stopped. If an entry with this start character is found, this entry is marked and an input field is opened, where the first character of the column text is marked. If another character is entered, it is searched for and the found entry is marked. If no entry is found, the entered character is rejected and the selection stays at the current position.

If more than one entry exist for the search criteria, the user can reach the other entries by pressing Ctrl+up or Ctrl+down.

With BACKSPACE the last character of the search criteria can be deleted and a new search is started with the rest. If also the last character is deleted with BACKSPACE, the search is stopped.

Sorting in the listview can also be cascading, i.e. you can sort on several columns simultaneously.

Clicking on a column header sorts on this column. While the SHIFT key is pressed down other columns can be added for sorting.