Tool bar in the detail view

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On top of the detail view there is a tool bar which offers you all the functions that you can also find in the context menu. Depending on what select in the project tree (e.g. pictures, variables, symbols, etc.) you will see different buttons in the tool bar.

Buttons that cannot be used at the moment are grayed out.

Example Example

If you select the node 'pictures' in the project tree, you will see the following buttons in the tool bar:

The buttons (from left to right) have the following functions:

Picture new

Creates a new picture.

Open picture

Opens the selected picture in the main window.


Copies the selected picture / Inserts a copied picture / Deletes the selected picture.

Create standard function

Creates a standard function.

Edit selected cell

Opens and edits the cell that is selected in the detail view.

Replace text in selected column...

Searches the column selected in the detail view and replaces a certain text with another.


Shows the properties of the selected picture in the properties dialog.

Export XML selected...

Exports selected picture(s) to an XML file.

Import XML...

Imports pictures from an XML file.

Jump back to starting element

If you have jumped to the picture selected at the moment via a link from another element, you can use this function to jump back to that starting element. (deactivated here)


Opens the help function.


info Info

If you move the mouse pointer over a button you will see a tool tip that shows you the function of the button.

If there is a keyboard shortcut for the function, it will stand next to the function in the tool tip (e.g. 'Picture new - Ins' or 'Copy - Ctrl+C').