Configuring the time or value axis (X-axis)

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The X-axis to be used can be used in two different configurations.

Time axis

Representation of the trend curves over the configured time range

X axis

Representation of the values over a process or a derived process variable ?(Local curves, operating points etc.)

With the configuring of the Time axis the time range, the batches and the axis representation can be defined. The time range is configured as shown in the chapter Configuring the time filter. The batches are filtered as described in the chapter Configuring the batch filter.

After definition of the time the axis representation is to be configured.

Configurable options are:

OK, Cancel, Help

System functions


Position of the X-axis in the diagram (0=bottom, 100=top)

2. period at the same time

Two time ranges are represented simultaneously per archive variable (e.g. week comparison)
(CAUTION: Only for archive trends with the option "with filter dialog"). On opening, two schedulers are opened. The second period is represented on the opposite label side of the time axis in the grid line colour.

Axis subdivision

Definition of the axis subdivision

- Main subdivision

Number of main subdivisions with value indication

- Lower subdivision

Number of subdivisions between two main subdivisions

- Tick length

Length of the main subdivision lines (pixel)

Grid lines

Representation of help lines on the main subdivisions

Realtime display

Representation of the time in online operation;
If the option is set then the axis is provided with the existing time marks.
If the option is not set then the opening time is time 00:00 and it is labelled relatively in the past -01:00


Position of the axis labelling

- above

- below


Definition of the axis colour

With filter dialog

On opening the diagram in online operation the configured scheduler for the selection of the time range is opened.

If the representation is not done over time but over another process or derived process variable then other configurations are necessary. With the marking of the "Above value" option the labelling of the configuration button ("X-axis") changes. On pressing the button the configuration mask for the X process variable is opened.