X axis

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Configurable options are:

Axis type

Define the scaling of the X-axis

- Linear

Linear division of the X-axis

- Logarithmic

Logarithmic division of the X-axis Origin


Position of the X-axis in the diagram (0=bottom, 100=top)


Define representation range of the process variables within their configured technical limits. (Zoom function)

Axis subdivision

Definition of the axis subdivision

- Main subdivision

Number of main subdivisions with value indication

- Lower subdivision

Number of subdivisions between two main subdivisions

- Tick length

Length of the main subdivision lines (pixel)

Grid lines

Representation of help lines on the main subdivisions


Automatic setting of scaling and axis subdivision in online operation.


Position of the axis labelling

- below

- above


Defining of the axis colour (CAUTION: Can be configured independently of the trend curve colour)


Selection and marking of one of the process variables allocated to the diagram. It is used for the X axis.


for archive values, additional selection of the according archive for the process variable, which should be used for the X axis.


Text of the axis labelling in online representation

If the time parameters of the online representation deviate from the configured settings then a dialog mask is opened.

After all parameters have been set, the parameterization of the function 'Picture switch' is closed by clicking OK . The function is taken over into the function manager.