Report: execute

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With this function a report (created in the Report Generator) can be executed automatically in the background in the Runtime. If writing functions are defined in the report, calculated values can automatically be written to archives or to the process image.

Provide the report file (*.XRS) and additional options as the transfer parameters. This function is configured via a dialog mask.

Configurable options are:


selection of report file

Filter dialog

open a filter dialog before starting online operation dependent on filter types; Scheduler for fast time selection (Default with other types only)

Read archives from backup path

read historic archives from backup path


determination of max. of 10 user-definable parameters ? (string and double word); ? possible after table file has been selected


selection of time format and filter type; possible after table file has been selected


selects batch ? possible after selection of report file

The configuration of the time filter is described in Configuration of the time filter.

info Info

All writing actions are performed in the report (variables, archive), when this function is chosen.