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The exported data can then be edited externally and be imported into the same or another project. In a progress bar the status of the import/export is displayed. The following functionalities of a project are available for import/export:

Variable definition

- Data types

- Reaction matrices

- Allocations


- Templates

- Fonts


- Script - Functions

Archive Server


Recipegroup Manager

Time control


Menu administration

User administration

Here either all objects of one type or only selected objects can be exported.

All objects

Select the folder of the project manager
Context menu XML Export all ...

Selected objects

Select one or more objects in the detail view
Context menu XML Export selected...

On exporting/importing the objects are identified by their names not by their internal IDs, i.e.if objects are imported into another project, they do not have the same internal IDs there!

attention Attention

If an element in the project and in the import file have the same name, then the element in the project is overwritten by the element from the import file. (The only exception are the data types.)

The properties of the objects are listed in the export file with their internal name, that is also used for the access from VBA.

The properties are described in detail in the properties help of the Editor.

Properties that do not exist in the import file (e.g. because they were deleted), are filled with default settings for elements that do not exist in the project and are newly created. If the elements already exist in the project, the missing properties stay unchanged.

Example Example

A variable first is imported without the offset. So the offset is initialised with the default value 0. With the S7 import the offset is changed to 100. Later the variable is imported again, the offset in the import file still missing. So the offset 100 stays unchanged.

attention Attention

The XML file to be imported has to be consistent. There is no plausibility check on importing the file. If there are errors in the import file, this can lead to undesired effects, even crashes.

You particularly have to care for this, if not all properties exist in the XML file and thus are filled with default values. E.g. A binary variable has a limit of 300.