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Minimum prerequisite is a 10MB Ethernet. To get high data transfer and short reaction times we recommend the use of 100MB or faster networks for new setups.

Operating system

Primarily, consider Microsoft operating systems and software components.


The server(s) must run under WINDOWS 2000 (SP 2), WINDOWS XP or WINDOWS 2000 Server.

Necessary physical memory for servers:
128 MB +2 x largest file (e.g. AML / CEL / ARCHIV...)
Necessary physical memory for redundant servers and standby-servers:
128 MB 4 x largest file (e.g. AML / CEL / ARCHIV...)


For the workstations Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server of Microsoft is possible.

File system

Because of the limitations of the FAT file system, NTFS is recommended.