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zenon offers an automatical administration of input authorization for all network-models. If zenon should administer the authorization, the option Authorization in the network properties of the project must be activated.

The following actions are verified at the moment:

Operation of alarms and the setting of values (Send value to hardware) dependent on the authorization.

The function Authorization in network offers two posibilities: Getting or releasing the authorization. With this function the authorization management is operated:

With the projekt.ini entry


the authorization management can be activated (1) or deactivated (0).

A client with the authorization must confirm at the server the claim of the authorization continuously. Should this confirmation stop to arrive at the server at a certain moment, the client automatically loses the authorization.

[TOKEN] ?QUIT_TIMEOUT=60 in seconds.

New system variables for network authorization:

Topic Network:

Authorization: owner computer

Name of the station that owns the authorization (string)

Authorization present at this computer

Does this station own the authorization (bool)

Authorization: not granted

If a station claims the authorization but does not get it, this variable changes ist value shortly to 1 (bool)

If authorization is wanted but locked by another station, this station gets a dialog asking if the authorization is needed any longer. If this dialog is not anwered within a certain time, the authorization is automatically released.

[TOKEN] ?QUESTION_TIMEOUT=60 in seconds.

Entries into CEL: CEL entries are made for automatic logout after missing quitting and calling the authorization.

attention Attention

These entries come directly from the resource and so their language cannot be changed online.

Authorization management in runtime: If a connection failure is found out via the timeout defined in the network, the authorization is released from the current station. The timeout for quitting can be set to force an earlier release of the authorization on the server.