Networt and Remote Transport

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Here the paths of the projecting computer are connected to paths on the runtime computers, to get a correct transfer when creating the runtime files on the target computer. So the update of runtime files during online operation is possible. The updated runtime files are loaded into the running project vie the function Reload.

From one projecting station the runtime files can be transfered to all the runtime stations via Remote Transport. So the developper does not have to movew to every station.

The transport device can be one of the following:


for transport to a CE terminal


for transport in a network or via a modem (remote projecting)

With Remote Transport the following files are transfered to the target system:

a) always: all files existing in the Runtime directory of the project.

The following files are always transferred. They define the outer appearance and the behaviour of the project:











fpm.cmp (from version 5.1 upwards)

project.mdb (is not transferred for CE)

all picture files (picture name.zpp)

Additionally to these files the files project.ini and project.vba are transferred, which always are in the project directory.

b) variabel (optional): Additionally all files can (must) be transferred, which are embedded into the project. These files are in the following subdirectories of the project directory:


for bitmaps


for language tables in txt format


for all media files, also sound etc.)


for the tables of the Report Generator

• /...

Additional files or paths can be included

It is possible to change these default directories. Then the corresponding alternative directories have to be transferred. As a default zenon always uses relative paths and not absolute paths, so that the files can easily be found on the target system.

attention Attention

In the list entry Target the destination path on the target system can be defined. Be careful that this path really exists on the target system (no linked network drive!!)

For the files that can be transferred optionally the original paths should always be used (empty field under Target). Thus zenon can find them on the target system.

c) The start project has to be entered in the zenOn6.ini, so that the Runtime knows which project to start. This entry is set with the button Set remote Runtime start project. Here the following two entries are set:


VBF30=project path


DEFANWENDUNG30=project name

The following commands are offered for the remote control in network:

Remote connection initiate

Initiates remote connection

Remote transport changed project files

Transport changed runtime files to target station

Remote transport all project files

Transports all runtime files to target station

Remote reload

Executes function Reload on target station (Runtime device)

Set remote Runtime start project

Set start project for target station

Start remote Runtime

Starts Runtime on target station

Stop remote Runtime

Stops Runtime on target station

Runtime get error file

Get error file from target station

Remote restart OS

Restarts operating system on target station

Remote get system status

Get system status of target station

Batch-Download: In the settings of the Remote Transportes enter the target host HOST=&hosts.txt.
Under Files/Others add a text file hosts.txt, which contains all the target hosts. For each host a line with exactly the string has to be entered.

Example Example