Multi-hierarchical model

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The multi-hierarchical model distinguishes between substations, mainstations and headquaters. The single computers are servers for their projects.

The hierarchy of the projects is to define in the Projectmanager. This is done by placing a minor project onto a mayor project using Drag&Drop in order to establish a tree conferring to the hierarchy. Mayor projects have access to all the minor projects under them. Access to projects of the same or a higher level is not granted.

Each computer has to be defined as a server in the network configuration.

There are 2 basic rules, that have to be taken care of when creating network structures. If one of these rules is not fulfilled, communication problems or other effects might occur, that however depend on the individual structure.

Rule 1

A PC that acts as a server may only in one level (circular redundancy) act as a server resp. Standby several times. It must not be defined as a server a level aboce or below.


If the start project is a standalone project, only one level below can be used for network projects!

attention Attention

Within multi-hierarchical systems project names have to be unique.