Multi-binary Element

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The dynamic element Multibin offers the possibility to link several variables (discrete states) to a pixel (OR) and to show it as sum information. Possible types of processing are:


Representation of the information in pixel graphics files; this also enables moved pictures


Representation of symbols and strings; at the same time the colour of the current conditions is transmitted to the layer (control of the colour of vector elements)

After free positioning of the element in a picture or after selection with a mouse click the properties of the element can be edited in the properties window.

info Info

Multiselection of process variables is possible in the dialog for the variable selection.

Single-point information has to be assigned once. Multibit information has to be assigned several times (number of states less 1; e.g. double-point information=3*). If numeric values are assigned, the variable must be linked for each discrete value.

With the buttons Add, Insert, Replace and Remove changes of the linked process variables are possible.

All linked variables are accepted by pressing the OK button and the properties window of the dynamic element is opened.

A discrete state is to be given for each linked variable. The condition is to be given by entering a value for multi-bit information and for numeric values. If a discrete state has occurred, it is displayed. If none of the indicated values is present, the status 0 [LOW], globally valid for the element, is displayed. The display priority of the individual variable is determined by way of the sequence in the list of links. This means that the variable which coincides first determines the display on the screen (change in text or colour or change in bitmap).

attention Attention

For non-binary variables the value has to be entered in the signal resolution! Settings in the measuring range or the non-linear value adjustment are not supported in this element.

The settings of the property pages Font, General and Events are explained once for all dynamic elements in the appropriate chapter.

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Functions and variables can also be linked to the Element by Drag&Drop.