Multi-binary Element - Status Combinations

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Status 0 (Low)

The color in symbol processing or the bitmap name for the bitmap processing of the general LOW status is selected with the button Change. The bitmap has to be added in the folder Files / Graphics in the Project Manager or can be loaded directly from the harddisk with the option Absolute selection.

Status 1 (High)

Use the Change High button to select the information to be output for the discrete condition selected below the variable (colour and text in symbol processing; bitmap name in bitmap processing). The bitmap has to exist in the directory Files/Graphics.

If no bit variable, but a word variable for example is stored, enter the value to be checked in a discrete way. The entry is made either through the value field to the right of the variable display or via masking out the respective bit combination.


Determination of value of variable

Process variable

Change of variable assignment

Read only

No set value input possible


Set value input toggle for binary variables

Key On

Transmit set value High, preferred position Off

Key Off

Transmit set value Low, preferred position On

Key combinations

Key combination for set value input

Holding time

Holding time on actuation

Password level

Determination of password level for set value

The settings of the property pages Font, General and Events are explained once for all dynamic elements in the appropriate chapter.