Establishing a connection

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You can establish a Remote Desktop connection in one of the following ways:

From within the Remote Transport:

The Remote Desktop is directly integrated in zenon. You can establish a connection via the icon Start Remote Desktop connection in the tool bar of the Remote Transport. The target system configured in the Remote Transport will be used automatically. If no computer has been entered there, the server configured in the network configuration will be used.

Please consider that TCP/IP must be configured as the transport medium in the Remote Transport.

The connection is established in the same way as if you would use the start menu. However, you do not have to enter the remote computer name.

Via the start menu:

If you want to establish a Remote Desktop connection to another target system, you can use the link " Start - COPA-DATA - ToolsXX - Start Remote Desktop connection" in the start menu.


Enter the computer name or the IP address of the target system here.

Connection profile

The connection profiles determine the required network bandwidth. The lower the configured available bandwidth, the higher the picture data compression and the lower the picture quality. This option can only be configured at the beginning of the connection and can not be changed afterwards. If you want to change it, you have to disconnect first.


Opens the Connection Options dialog. You can also change the connection options while the connection is active. You can find a description of the options in the chapter Connection options.

After clicking on Connect, the connection is established.

Via the web browser:

You can also establish a connection via a standard web browser. This requires the Java Runtime on your computer. You can get the current version from the Java website: You can also use the Java setup program provided on the installation DVD of the control system. Insert the DVD and start the installation selection program (Start.exe). Under 'Tools' you can start the installation of the Java Runtime.

Start the web browser and enter the computer name or the IP address of the target system, followed by :5600, e. g.: http://MyRemotePCName:5600.

info Info

For all connections the following is true: A connection to the local PC is not possible!

If you experience connection problems, please consider the Preconditions.