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Standard viewing software:

While the connection is being established, you will see a dialog that allows you to make sure you are connecting to the right target system.

You will only need to enter the connection password in this dialog. A username is not required.

WEB interface:

You have to enter the connection password in this dialog. In the title bar, you can see the remote desktop that you are connected to.


You will need to know the connection passwords to be able to establish a connection. The Primary password gives you full access to the remote desktop. The View-only password only allows the viewing mode. According to the password you enter, one of the two modes will be started. The size of the password is limited to 8 characters. (for details see chapter Configuration)

attention Attention

If the option 'Block remote Input Events' is set in the configuration software of the remote desktop, you will not be able to operate the remote system, even if you use the primary password.

info Info

By default the Primary password is SCADA-ALL and the view-only password is SCADA. You can change the passwords at any time with the configuration software on the remote system (see chapter Configuration).