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In the Runtime the mouse selections can also be made on active dynamic elements by means of function keys defined in the Editor.

Defined keys (or combinations)

Corresponding to the editor configuration of the dynamic elements (button, bitmap, link screen); no automatic plausibility check of the function keys used across all opened windows (Check only possible within a picture) ?e.g.: Alt-F5, Strg-A

By using system functions the element choice can be controlled. The following functions are available in the editor:

Focus: set to template

Focus: Delete from template

Focus: Set

The sequence of the elements in the template (picture) is given in the editor by means of the configuration of the TAB order.

In online operation the Windows key combinations can be locked.


Fast task switch with task-window


Fast task switch without task-window


End task

The entry in the PROJECT.INI file is:



System keys and buttons of the title bar

0 - released, default

1 - locked

You will find more information on locking possibilities in the chapter 'Tools / Keyblock RT Start'