Status definition

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Following statuses are available in zenon:

Invalid (I-BIT)

Not updated (ACTUAL)

Alternative value (AVALUE)

General request (GR)

Spontaneous (SPONT)

Summer/winter time announcement (SU/WI)

Switched off (N_UPD)

Realtime external (RT_E)

Realtime internal (RT_I)

Winter time (WINTER)

Manual value (MVALUE)

User status 1 .. 8 (ST_M1 .. ST_M8)

Select (SELEC)

Revision (REV)

Desired direction (DIREC)

Runtime exceeded (RTE)

Default message trafo value (DM_TR)

Not sortable (NSORT)

Info for variable (INFO)

Transmission cause (TCBx)

P/N bit (PN_BIT) (P/N bit (PN_BIT), H_Status_Statusdefinition_P_N-Bit_(PN_BIT).htm)

Test bit (T_BIT)

Acknowledge writing (WR_ACK)

Writing successful (WR_SUC)

Normal status (NORM)

Deviation normal status (ABNORM)

The abbreviations in the zenon Editor are displayed in parenthesis. In the following sections the states are described in detail.

The single states are not available for all drivers. In the description of the single states possible limitations will be explained in detail. If no limitations are mentioned, the status is available with all zenon standard drivers.

As the states of each variable can also be accessed from VBA in form of a 32 bit value, the bit position of each status is also listed in the detailed description below. This information is necessary for the individual evaluation with VBA.

For the display in the Runtime there are two possibilities: the short name and the long name. Both are listed in the detailed description of the stati separated either by a "/" or a ";".