Alternative value (AVALUE)

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Runtime display

AVALUE / Alternative value


by the user


with all drivers

Example Example

If an outside temperature sensor is defective, it may send an unrealistic value, e.g. -280°C. It is clear, that this value is wrong. Now the user can enter the correct value instead of the defective value by reading the temperature, e.g. 14°C. Now this value is archived, alarmed and protocolled.

All modules in zenon now use this alternate value.

The alternative value can have many purposes. On one hand missing entries the archives are filled with the pre-defined alternative value of the variable. On the other hand the user can overwrite the current value with an alternative value. This value is not sent to the connected hardware, but stays in the process image on the computer. This value is sent to all modules of zenon and further processed there.

Using this status information these values now can especially be marked in the Report. So on the one hand the changes are traceable, on the other hand the further processing works with correct values.