zenon Runtime and straton Runtime on one remote PC

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Installation on the target system

First you install and licence the zenon Runtime on the remote PC. The straton Runtime is automatically installed and licensed.

Download the project data with <CA_PRODUCNAME> Runtime, start type "autom. start/stop" or "autom. start"

In order to download the zenon and straton Runtime files, use the Remote Transport function of zenon. You will find more information in the chapter Overview functions.

The straton Runtime is started and closed together with the zenon Runtime automatically.

Download of the application data with the <CA_PRODUCNAME> Runtime start type "start manually"

If the straton Runtime is started manually on the target PC (e.g. with the operating system), the PLC code has to be loaded manually to the target platform with the straton Workbench. For that

the correct parameter must be entered in the properties dialog Workbench in the <CD_PRODUCNAME> Editor (Host und Port).

In the straton Workbench click on the button Online.

So the straton Workbench establishes a connection to the target system.

Now the PLC code can be transferred to the target system with the button  'Download'. The download is indicated in a progress bar.

After the download the PLC starts automatically with the new application.

If the download has been successful and the PLC program runs without any errors, the following message opens: