Blue Screen Handling   

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A probable Bluescreen of Death (BSOD) is recognized by the straton RTK immediately.

If the straton RTK is configured for stopping in case of a BSOD, the shut down program - if defined - is executed immediately, i.e. before the theoretically next cycle.

If the straton RTK is configured to continue running, the next cycle is executed after a short delay of ca. 10 ms (switching the graphics mode).

In order to achieve this, the straton function RTK_OnBugCheck of the straton standard library must be set to TRUE in the straton application.

attention Attention

In case of a BSOD the execution of the straton application can be limited.

Following functions are no longer supported when this occurs:

File operations, TCP functions, functions of the serial interface, no real time field bus driver, system clock functions, RETAIN variables, writing log messages (changes reserved by product version cycles).

In order to check in the straton application if a BSOD has occurred, use the straton function RTK_IsBugCheck.

System requirements for smooth continuous running after a BSOD:

Options for Profibus Master (Hilscher CIF Profibus):

No restart after stop (keeping outputs): If this option is active, the outputs of the Profibus I/Os remain set after the shut down. Otherwise the outputs would be set to the defined alternate values after the shut down sequence.