Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

How do I setup an Allen-Bradley's PKTX Card on a Windows 2000/XP Workstation? 


CIKT (PCI )Setup Information

1. Overview
The new version of the Citect CIKT board driver now supports communication to Allen Bradley processors via Data Highway Plus, using the Allen Bradley PKTX and PKTXD cards.

These cards were developed with Plug and Play functionality, as defined in Revision 1.0A of the plug and Play BIOS Specification. When a computer is powered-up, PCI BIOS will automatically assign interrupt request levels (IRQ) and base memory address values to the cards. Citect Cikt driver will automatically retrieve these configurations and use them to communicate with the cards.

2. Card Setting
Card ID Jumper (Jumper setting for Multiple Cards): CIKT driver currently only support one card. Any jumper position is equal.

The Base Memory Jumper: For the 32-bit operating systems, the base memory address should be located anywhere in the PC memory space. So put the jumper toward 32bit position to let the memory address locate anywhere in the available physical memory of the PC.

Important: When you start the PC, a message “New device found” will pop up. You should do not install the card in order to let Citect CIKT driver to take the resource of the card. Select the cancel button for any Add New Hardware wizard that comes up automatically within Windows.

3. Citect Project settings

    Boards Form

    Board Type

    0xFFFF for PKTX card
    0xEEEA (0xEEEE) for PKTXD card channel A
    0xEEEB for PKTXD card channel B.
    **Note: The driver uses this to determine the type of card,
    do not append or zeros.

    I/O Port
    Specify a unique DH+ network address in Octal for each card. (e.g. 0o77). If using both channel of PKTXD card, you should give each channel a unique address.


    **Note: The driver uses this to retrieve the IRQ configuration, do not change.

    Special Opt
    Default baud rate is 57.6 bits/s
    s1 --- 115.2 bits/s
    s2 --- 230.4 bits/s

    Ports Form
    See Citect online help for Data Highway communications to Allen Bradley processors.

    I/O Devices Form
    See Citect online help for Data Highway communications to Allen Bradley processors.

3. Others
- As suggested by Citect Knowledgebase Article Q2094, the following
Citect.ini setting is recommended:
Polltime = 10

4. Steps to set up a SSTAB project:
This section shows how to set up a SSTAB project step by step, based on Citect V5.42. If you are using a different Citect version, the pop up message may be slightly different.

The first time to start your project,
The system is checking your setting. It will take 1-2 minutes on the page.

Then, you will get a message:

Press “OK”, then

Press “OK”, then

Press “OK”, then

Press “NO”, then

Press “Shutdown”, and restart your PC.

The second time start the project:

Press “OK”, then

Press “OK”, then

Press “OK”, then

Press “NO”, then

Press “Shutdown”, restart your PC.

The third time you will start your project directly.

For further information please review the following KB articles: Q2094, Q2098, Q2168, Q2223, Q2347, Q2811, Q2474