11.2.11    <S_F1>

Description:   Recipe Download (Recipe Display Only) or  DataLog Calender (DataLOg Trend and XY Plot Only)



Recipe Display

On Recipe Display, downloads the current recipe to the current Unit if Logged in User has download security level assigned to recipe; if not,. Pops up a Password Dialog Box. Recipe Download is called up by Shift+F1 or from the Right-Click Edit Menu.

Same as pressing the Shift + F1 function keys on keyboard (with Recipe Display open).  See  <RCPDOWNLOAD>@ and Recipe Display for complete description.

Data Log Trend

On DataLog Trend and Data Log XY Plot Display (dlogtrd.bxx, dlogtrd.dxx, dlogxyp.bxx and dlogxyp.dxx) opens a Calendar dialog Box to allow jumping to another date.