BwView.htm - connect without a Web Server

Use BwView.htm to connect Web browser VIEW to a SCADA node without a Web Server or Project Node. This allows a web browser client to connect to the SCADA node if the web server is not available.

This uses a htm file installed as part of the WebAccess client (bwView.htm) and a project deploy file.  The deploy file must be manually copied to the client if the client has never connected to the Project using a Web server.

Assuming WebAccess Client is installed in c:\Webaccess\Client, project name is ProjectName, and node name is Nodename, use the following URL in IE’s address bar to connect to SCADA node.



or this to work, the project’s dpj file must be placed in WebAccess\Client directory. There are two ways for the project deploy file to get there: 1) the client computer must have connected to the SCADA node at least once through project node or 2) the project’s dpj file must be manually copied into WebAccess\Client directory.  

The source of the project deploy file can be found, on the Project Node at:



For example, to connect to the demo project (assuming the WebAccess client is installed on your C: drive)  connect once using this as the address to get the deploy file on your PC:

Then connect a second time using this as the address in Internet Explorer:



You can specify more options for the URL. For example, goto=…&user=…&pass=…&…….. similar to bwviewpg.asp (described in the Engineering Manual section 16.1.2). View options allow:

·         Login user with password

·         GOTO a Graphic Display

·         Hide Toolbar

·         Hide Status bar

·         Hide Navigation Tree

·         Hide Caption

·         Enable Clipping Mode with Scroll Bars.