20.4.2         System Action Log

This shows a centralized Action Log for all SCADA Nodes in the project with Action Log to ODBC enabled. This is very similar to the Action Log in VIEW and ViewDAQ, but applied to all SCADA Nodes and Projects. The Action Log monitors Power User, General User, and Restricted User actions on the SCADA node. Action Log To ODBC must be enabled in the SCADA node properties.

The Action Log shows:

·         User changes to Tags (e.g. setpoint changes, auto/manual and equipment changes).

·         User Log-ins to SCADA Node using VIEW and ViewDAQ

For more information on the Action Log in VIEW, see the System & Template Displays section. For information on Project User logins and database changes, see System Log.

The Action Log can be sorted and filtered by Time, Date, computer, node and IP addresses.

An HTML report is printed.

Power Users can also see this Action Log from VIEW using the Tools menu:
Right Click -> Tools -> System Action Log

All Users can also see this Action Log from ViewDAQ using the menu bar:
Tools -> Action Log