22.1.1         Blank Screen in VIEW




VIEW in a web browser shows a White screen that is blank.   No error message.



        i.            Web Browser Security too high preventing the ActiveX control (the Plug-in) from running. Medium security is needed to allow safe browsing and the Active X control to run.
See 22.1.2 Check Internet Explorer Security Settings.  

       ii.            Firewall or router blocking ports.  WebAccess uses three TCP ports.  Port 80 is the default HTTP protocol port.  WebAccess also has primary and secondary TCP ports (Ports 4592 and 14592 are the default ports.)
See 22.1.7 Firewall or blocked TCP ports.

     iii.            Not using Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

    iv.            Using a New Client to view a very old software version of Project Node or SCADA node.

  v.     Deploy file (project.dpj) not downloaded from Project Node to Client.
See 22.1.3 Check the Deploy file from Web browser client.

 vi.     Not using a Microsoft® Windows Operating System (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003 are supported).




VIEW in a web browser shows a Blue screen.   Error Message: “Kernel on SCADA Node is not Running” is obvious. Start the SCADA node (see section 2.3.6 Download and Start the SCADA Node


VIEW in a web browser shows a Blue screen.  Error Message: “Connection to SCADA Node fails”

This can mean that the webvrpcs (the WebAccess Network Service) is not running or the network connection is lost “SCADA Node” (e.g. the cable is unplugged or the SCADA node has lost power).  See section 22.4.6 Cannot Connect to SCADA Node.