22.4.2   Remote Access Code Wrong or Forgotten

If you have forgotten the Remote Access Code using during software installation on the SCADA node, you have two options:

option 1) Re-install the WebAccess software on the SCADA node to change it and edit your database to match the new code using UPDATE.


Option 2) Edit the BWSERVER.INI file on the SCADA node and edit your database to match the new code using UPDATE.

Hint - if this is a combined SCADA and Project Node, you have to reinstall using the Project & SCADA software option and edit the remote access code in the database for both the project and SCADA node using UPDATE.

Change Remote Access Code without reinstalling Software

You have to make changes in two places, 1) the BWSERVER.INI file and 2) in the Project Manager from the Update.  Modifying the bwserver.ini is used instead of re-installing software.

1.      Open Explorer.  Right Click Start -> Explore

2. Go to drive:\WebAccess\Node 
(typically C:\WebAccess\Node)

3.      Right Click on bwserver.ini

4.      Select Open with…

5.      Select Notepad.

6.      If you are using a firewall or port mapping and entered alternate TCP ports, try changing them to zero (the default).





















The Project Manager uses Primary  and Secondary as the terminology for the web_rpc_port and web_socket_port SCADA Node TCP ports.  The Project manager calls web_rpc_port the 'TCP Port'.


remember, 0 = default port

web_rpc_port is the Primary TCP port of the SCADA Node and the TCP Port of the Project Node, default = 4592  
web_socket_port is the Secondary TCP port of the SCADA node, default = 14592
The Default SMTP port = 25


7.      If you accepted the default tcp ports, try changing them to another number (like 5592 and 15592 or any two numbers above 2000 and less 65535).  These should match the TCP Port of the Project Node and the Primary and Secondary ports of the SCADA Node in Project Manager under Update and SCADA Node properties.

On a combined Project/SCADA node, the Project TCP Port and the SCADA Primary TCP Port should be the same.

8.      You can add a remote access code or change it here (without having to reinstall software.  Remember to run UPDATE in the Project manager so the database matched this code.

9.      Save the bwserver.ini file

10.  Login to Project Manager and use Update to change the Ports in the Project  Database for the SCADA node and Project Node.

Important - You must use Update in Project Manager to match the new remote access code and TCP Ports. There at least three places on the Update page to change 1) the Primary and Secondary TCP Ports for the SCADA node and 2) the TCP Port for the Project Node.

11.  Download the nodes.

12. Restart the WebAccess Network Service by either:

Reboot the computer (to restart the WebAccess Network Service)


Manually stop the Webvrpcs.exe (in Task Manager) and Restart the WebAccess Network Service
(from Start -> All Programs -> Startup -> WebAccess Network Service).

See also 3.2.7 Remote Access Code and 1.6.4 WebAccess Remote Access Code.