Adding a Plant Database Data Source

With the Administration application, you set up and customize your Proficy Plant Applications Plant Database data source.

Plant Database Data Source Properties 



Logical Name

Specifies the name for the data source. This name need not be the actual name of the Plant Database server you are connecting to.

User Name

The user name for the database.


The password used to access the database.

Database URL

Specifies the URL of the database.





SQL Server Connections

Displays a list of SQL server connections that have already been configured as SQL data sources in the Administration application.

Configure Functions

Displays a list of all standard functions and allows you to copy, remove, and edit functions, as well as restore the functions to their original default settings.

CAUTION: The changes that are made to the functions at this level are global changes. They will affect all Plant Database data sources, and if you are already using functions in displays, these can also be affected.

To add a Plant Database data source

  1. In the Proficy Portal client application, click the Administration button on the main toolbar. The Administration application appears.

  2. Click the Connectors & Data Sources button. A directory tree appears.

  3. Expand the Plant folder and click the Plant Database node in this folder. The Add New Plant Database Data Source window appears.

  4. Rather than entering the database details, if you already have an SQL data source set up, from the SQL Server Connections list, select the SQL source. You will see sources in this list only if they have been configured as data sources in the Administration application. If you make a selection from the SQL Sever Connections list, proceed to step 9.

- or -

  1. In the Logical Name box, enter the name of the data source.

  2. In the User Name box, enter the user name you will connect to the database with.

  3. In the Password box, enter the password you will connect to the database with.

  4. In the Database URL box, enter the URL of the database you are connecting to.

  1. Click the Apply button to save your changes. The Test, Copy, Remove, and Reset Browse Cache buttons appear.

  2. If necessary, click the Configure Functions button to make changes to the standard functions. How?

CAUTION: These are global changes that will affect all Plant Database data sources as well as any functions that are already used in displays. It is recommended that global changes are made only once, shortly following Proficy Portal installation.

Click the Test button to check that your connection is functioning properly. A message is displayed indicating whether the data source test passed or failed. If the test passed, you are ready to retrieve data. If the test failed, refer to Verifying a Plant Database Connection.

After the data source has been configured, you can add functions if necessary. For more information, see Adding Plant Database Functions.