User Preferences

Properties | Setting user preferences

The User preferences dialog box allows you to specify the default analysis display to open when you log in and sets preferences for duplicated objects. Setting the default display user preferences overrides the default analysis display application preference.

Local cache files can be deleted from the Edit User Preferences dialog box. You may want to use this option to make sure that you are accessing all available data sources from the Proficy Portal server. After selecting this option, you must log out of Proficy Portal and log back in for the cache file to be removed. After the cache files are removed, this option is reset so that the cache files are not deleted each time you start Proficy Portal.

Regional settings in Proficy Portal, such as default font and number formatting, are pre-configured for several languages. These default settings can be changed at the application level (Regional Setting Defaults dialog box) or for a specific user in the Edit User Preferences dialog box. See Default Regional Settings for more information.