User Preferences Properties

The following tabs are available on the Edit User Preferences dialog box:

General tab - Allows you to set the default display, duplicated object options, and cache file removal option.

Regional Settings tab - Allows you to use the default regional settings or configure user-specific regional settings. Refer to Default Regional Settings for more information.

Edit User Preferences: General Tab



Startup Display field

Specifies the path and name of the display that appears by default when the user logs in. Click the ellipsis button to browse if you are unsure of the path and display name.

Startup Display Browse button

Opens the Select Display dialog box where you can select the startup display you want to use. After you select a display, Proficy Portal enters its name in the Startup Display field.

Positioning radio buttons

Specifies the position of duplicated objects. For example, to position a duplicated object immediately below the original object, select the Down button. To position the object to the upper right, select the UpRight button. The default is Down.

Spacing fields

Specifies the amount of space between duplicated objects - both horizontal and vertical.

Delete local cache

Specifies that the next time you log into Proficy Portal, the cache files on your local machine will be removed. Use this option to ensure synchronization with the Proficy Portal server, and to ensure that you can see all data sources that you have access to. After the cache files are deleted, this option is reset so that the cache files are not removed each time you start Proficy Portal.