Configuring a Combo or List Box    

  1. While in Configure mode, click the Insert menu and select Controls | Combo Box or List Box.

The Combo Box or List Box Configuration dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Auto Sort check box if you want the list items to be sorted in alphabetical or numerical order.

  2. Select Auto Select First Entry if you want the first item in the combo/list box to be highlighted (selected) by default.

  3. Select the Data Bound or Manual Entry option. Data bound means that the source of the list will come directly from a data source. Manual entry means that you can create the list items manually.

For Data Bound entry:

For Manual Entry:

After you have added tags/strings, they appear in the list, indicating how they will appear in the list/combo box.

  1. To change the font for list items, select the Font tab and select a new Font, style, and/or size as necessary.

  2. Click OK.

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