To configure column thresholds

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a grid into your display. How?

  2. If you have not already done so, add the data source. How?

  3. On the Columns tab, select the column you want to set thresholds for.

  4. On the Threshold tab, clear the Use Default Column Settings check box and select the Enable Threshold check box.

  5. Select the Apply To Foreground Color option button to apply the threshold color to the text in the cells, or select the Apply To Background Color option button to apply the threshold color to the cell background.

  6. Select the Range or Exact Match option buttons.

  7. TIP: The selections you make on the Threshold tab will be very specific to the type of data in the Grid and to the data you want to highlight (i.e. bring attention to). It is imperative that you are familiar with the data you are working with before making choices on this window.

  8. If you have selected Range:

    • Use the Threshold table buttons to build the necessary rows. For example, you may only need two rows in the table - in this case you would use the Delete Row button to remove all unwanted rows and the Clear Table button to clear the values from the table.

    • Click in the Minimum and Maximum cells of the table and enter the necessary values.

    • To change the Color By color, click the color or the ellipsis button beside the color and select a new one from the palette.

  9. If you have selected Exact Match, perform the same actions as in step 7, except instead of entering minimum and maximum values, enter one value per row.

    • You can also enter an amount of tolerance; that is, an amount the value can be off by before its color is changed.

  10. To set the Out of Range value, click the Edit Out of Range button. The Edit Out of Range dialog box appears.

  11. NOTE: Any value that is outside of the threshold values you have set will appear in the out of range color that you set.

    • Select the Out of Range Color check box and click the color button to select the out of range color from the color palette.

    • If you have selected the threshold type Exact Match, you can also enter an amount for the Tolerance. The tolerance amount is an allowable amount from the highest threshold value - past which the value is considered out of range.

  12. If you want to save your threshold table so that it can be reused, click the Save As button. The Save Threshold Table dialog box appears. Enter the name and click Save.